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How we manage personal information
Co-operative West Indian Sea Island Cotton Japan Project (hereinafter Co-operative) believes that it is our duty as an organization handling personal information to protect properly the information offered by our customers, and establishes the following guidance.

■Accession of personal information
This Co-operative may acquire personal information through legal and appropriate method solely enough for its business related necessity.

■ The purpose of the usage of personal information
This Co-operative uses acquired personal information to conduct information services to our customers and will not utilize it for other purposes.

■ Disclosure of personal information
This Co-operative will not disclose nor provide the personal information of its customers to any third party other than to the subcontractors with which the Co-operative will sign nondisclosure agreement. In case of the request of disclosure by law, however, it keeps right to disclose and/or provide personal information without consent.

■ Management of personal information
This Co-operative manages personal information provided by its customers with care and will take reasonable security measures to prevent illegal accesses to the personal information, its loss, destruction, alteration, and leak..

■Compliance with related regulations
The Co-operative will comply with an Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related regulations.