Brief History of Us

On May 13th, 1976 the Japanese branch of UK based West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association was established by seven original members in the Imperial Hotel. Their object was to "establish a stable route and sound and orderly market development in Japan for West Indian Sea Island Cotton and to promote the friendship between members."

The association started as a voluntary organization, but from the beginning they faced the crisis of scarcity of raw material because of the production reduction from the producing countries in the West Indies (due to natural disaster, bad weather, pest etc.) It had already been permitted to import the raw cotton to Japan since 1975, but now the stakeholders decided to aggregate the spinning in Japan until the production of raw cotton recovers in the Caribbean and therefore Japan supplies the yarn products to the UK.

In addition to such circumstances, there was a momentum for independence swelling in the West Indies, the influence of the UK on Sea Island cotton gradually declined, and the need to develop a system that combines the power of Japanese public and private entities increased in order to maintain this precious and irreplaceable cotton toward the future.

Thus WISICA Japan held the inaugural meeting in December, 1979 and newly started activity as a cooperative on February 1, 1980.

More than 30 years after, WISICA Japan is still working with 46 members who wish to maintain this global treasure. Through the participation in the cultivation and quality improvement, development assistance for the producing countries, and study group coordination to propose fresh fashion ideas, WISICA Japan expect the consumers to enjoy increasingly satisfactory Sea Island Cotton products.