Cotton of peerless lineage, evolved to be the best

Sea Island cotton, which in contemporary times reigns supreme as the world's finest cotton, takes its name from the Sea Islands of the US eastern seaboard, where the G. barbadense variety of West Indian cotton was first cultivated in the 18th century. However, American cultivation of the variety came to a halt in the early 20th century when the destruction of crops by insects forced growers to turn to other species of cotton.
Fast forward 100 years, and ever-evolving modern agricultural practices coupled with untiring diligence of scientists and technicians once again took West Indian MSI Cotton seeds far from their native home for the purpose of cultivating Sea Island cotton. In due time, thanks to new developments in growing techniques, "American Sea Island Cotton" was reborn. A culmination of history, technology and a passion for quality, American Sea Island Cotton, dubbed the "prince of cottons", is now poised to write a new and exciting chapter in the history of Sea Island cotton.

Genetically, American Sea Island Cotton is a premium cotton with ultra-long fibers, 100% evolved from West Indian Sea Island Cotton, the cotton of choice of the British royal family and discerning individuals worldwide. Boasting superlative fiber length, fineness, strength, color and luster, American Sea Island Cotton also has a high lint ratio (weight ratio of fibers to cottonseed), and higher potential yield than West Indian cotton: huge strides made thanks to innovative growing techniques.

The superior quality of American Sea Island Cotton is an eloquent testament to its peerless lineage. Minimal twisting during the spinning process accentuates the cotton's innate properties, resulting in a silky sheen and delicate pliability unrivaled by other cottons, and fabric that retains its texture even after repeated washing. The fibers are also rich in oil, making American Sea Island Cotton incredibly soft to the touch. It also offers outstanding absorbency. The unique feel of ultra-long fiber cotton will amaze you more with each touch, and impress on every wearing.

The unparalleled excellence of the premium, ultra-long fibers is not the only allure of American Sea Island Cotton. Worn next to your skin, you will not only feel the incredible softness, but also the finesse that is bestowed by the finest genetic inheritance. Sense for yourself not just the beautiful silky sheen, but the elegance associated with its long and illustrious history. The proud heritage and unalloyed lineage of this "Prince of Cottons" is guaranteed by the West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association.