Half a century later, the "Legendary Cotton" is reborn

Renowned for having the world's finest texture, Sea Island Cotton is rich in elegance and beauty. This top-quality fiber is legendary for fetching several hundred times the price of American-produced cotton in the 18th century. Of all the Sea Island Cotton varieties, the illusive V-135 was of such premium quality that made it a much-coveted status symbol among British royalty and aristocracy. Due to the difficulty of cultivating this cotton, however, it vanished from the world scene half a century ago. But the dream has been rekindled, and the longing to possess this incredible fiber has emerged anew. The passion, imbued in the seeds secretly passed down through the generations, makes this seemingly impossible miracle a reality.

The stage for its rebirth is Belize, the small Central American country on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Abounding in nature, Belize has the optimal environment for producing cotton. Trade winds carry the ideal cotton growing temperature and humidity to the region, and the locale is dry when the cotton plants bloom. Despite the difficulty of cultivating V-135, it is painstakingly nurtured under strict control using modern agricultural techniques, and each cotton boll is reverently picked by hand. Earth's greatest treasure is grown in this garden of the gods. The soft whiteness of this marvelous cotton dazzles with its captivating presence.

Nothing compares to the awe-inspiring feel of this legendary cotton. Ultra-thin, and with a fiber length of 1.5 times that of ordinary cotton, V-135 is the pinnacle of quality, surpassing all other Sea Island Cotton varieties. The thread spun from this natural fiber has a silk-like luster and yet retains the fullness of cotton. Fabric made from it clings to the skin with grace and smoothness. Those enchanting white fairy-like blossoms sitting atop the Sea Island Cotton plants that mesmerize the world are V-135.