Nourished by the Caribbea

West Indian Sea Island Cotton belongs to the category of extra-long staple cotton. For long time it's been well known for "its cashmere-like texture, brilliance of silk." This cotton with beautiful and soft touch deserves to be called the gem of fibers.


Sea Island Cotton harvested during the 2011-12 season
(upper side of the scale is in Inch, and downside in centimeter)

Other cottons may have guise somehow like Sea Island cotton by application of various treatments. However, Sea Island cotton has these features naturally and it doesn't lose them easily by repeated wash. After a long period of use, the difference between Sea Island cotton and other ordinary cotton will be quite notable.

The physical origin of its superb features is scientifically proven:
Extra-long staple, therefore soft and smooth
2-2-2.jpg Extra-long staple cotton is a generic name for the cotton with more than 35mm (approx.) of average fiber length. The fiber of Sea Island cotton is exceptionally longer than other cotton varieties. The longer and finer is the fiber for clothing, the final product becomes more durable as well as smoother and softer.

Natural twist gives it unbeatable texture and moisture-absorption
2-2-3.jpg Bulkiness and moisture-absorption of garments increase proportionately with natural twists of each fiber. Sea Island cotton has the largest number of twists among all the cotton varieties. Therefore it has soft and comfortable touch incomparable to any other cotton. In addition, thick cellulose wall enclosing a hollow also contributes to its moisture absorbency.

50% higher reflection rate, hence the brilliance of silk
2-2-4.jpg Brilliance is a product of the reflection of light. Sea Island cotton has 50% higher reflection rate than other types of cotton and has splendid natural gloss. Its oil content is 0.65%, the highest of all cotton varieties. It gives particular smoothness and gentle feeling when you put on the product made of it. The fiber thickness is almost the same as silk fiber and is flexible, showing elegance that other cotton varieties do not possess.

Strong enough for parachute
2-2-5.jpg It turned out that its strength per unit thickness is also the best of all the varieties, and it shows the durability of Sea Island cotton which once had been the main material of parachutes. Also, thick cellulose and natural twists bring about distinguished self-righting behavior and soft texture comes back after every wash.

Each cotton boll is handpicked with care
The cultivation of Sea Island cotton takes time and care to make the most of its natural flavor and favorable physical feature of the fiber. Each cotton boll is picked by hand, and it takes 5 days for a person to pick one bale of cotton. Each day a picker can harvest seed cotton equivalent to 10 shirts only. In addition, the field is completely managed to prevent pest damage, and cotton stems are totally burnt down at the end of the harvest season.

Zero hazardous material contained in its yarn
Sea Island cotton yarn handled through the Cooperative cleared the Category I of Oekotex standard 100 which measures the residue of hazardous material. This means the yarn can be used safely for the clothes for babies.